The Abyss

An Abyss is a pit that is so deep that it visually appears as darkness, even during the light of day. Although not possible, an abyss is said to be bottomless. An abyss is also a descriptive term for division between two or more people or between two or more groups of people. German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche gave us a chilling warning when he said, "If you stare into an abyss, the abyss stares into you." But, what does that mean?

Friedrich Nietzsche was an unfortunate man who was so plagued by illness that he turned to the one thing that he could, his mind, to express himself. His philosophy has profoundly affected people in both the 20th and 21st centuries, about equally so for evil as well as good, with much credit for the evil part due to his twisted sister's refinement of his words after his death to fit her own dark philosophy. I think his words about an abyss mean this: If you concentrate on any subject too much, be that out of hate or love, you risk becoming that thing. Speaking of that, I do not recommend that you concentrate on the writings of that tortured soul.

Have you heard of a Blue Hole? Web search that, to see a good visual representation of an abyss. It is a watery sink hole that is so deep that light will not pass down to the bottom of it, and it's depths are devoid of sea life. A famous and much-photographed blue hole is located near Belize. After I viewed it, I instantly understood the captivation of staring into an abyss. Another example of an abyss is "Sally's well," described in the book and film titled "Cold Mountain," in which Ada Monroe looked down the well, and saw what she wanted to see.

I was compelled to write this article because of what I have seen over many years in someone I love. She suffered illness, tragedy, and emotional neglect to a point that she concentrated on those things. With the help of unscrupulous and unethical physicians, she acquired pills and potions to combat her illnesses, including those that she imagined that she had or were convinced that she had, the latter of which lined up nicely with the latest pharmaceutical on the market.

She gobbles these pills by the handful every day, convinced that they are what keeps her alive. But, what life does she have? She spends her day telling anyone who will listen about the woes of her health, the woes in the health of others, and the imagined woes of strangers, all of which serve to isolate her further from those she truly loves, who are also those who love her. She stared into the abyss, and the abyss consumed her. This article is a warning to you. Don't stare into an abyss, and warn your loved ones not to do it.