Finding The Cure For Every Mental Health Problem

Sigmund Freud gave us the first image of the subconscious mind, showing us that it hides our secret sexual desires and our selfishness. It also keeps a record of the traumatic experiences we have.

Carl Jung believed that we have an unconscious mind, able to think, feel, and sense in a different way, and make different conclusions. So, he believed that the unconscious mind was a part of our psyche, and not an extraterrestrial being.

He also noticed the existence of a collective unconscious mind, which he believed to be formed by various human experiences in our history. He verified that the collective unconscious mind produces our dreams and he started analyzing the meaning of these images for various different civilizations of the world, in various different historical times.

He understood that he had to be able to decipher the meaning of these images for humanity in order to understand the meaning they had for the collective unconscious mind; the dream producer. This was how he began his research.

He was influenced by the mindset of his historical time, even though he also had a very different behavior in comparison to the behavior of the scientific community of his historical time. His research was not only restricted to the scientific field.

In the end he concluded that the unconscious mind was God's mind, but he believed that God was also evil, besides being saintly. This is why he attributed the formation of mental illnesses to the unconscious mind, even though he saw that the unconscious mind worked like a doctor.

This was a contradiction that he believed to be possible. He was influenced by Nietzsche's ideas about the possibility of the existence of a reality beyond good and evil, while this was an absurd assumption.

Whatever is evil is poison for our brain and our lives. We must be only good in order to find peace.

I had to correct Jung's mistakes when I continued his research by precisely obeying God's guidance in my dreams. I concluded that the human conscience was idiotic and absurd and therefore, our own conscience was responsible for the formation of mental illnesses.

I concluded that the unconscious mind was only wise and saintly, especially when I translated the two symbolic meanings of the literary book I had written when I was a teen, according to Carl Jung's method of dream interpretation.

I concluded that our idiotic and absurd conscience must obey the wise unconscious mind instead of making mistakes and losing consciousness.

My obedience to God's guidance helped me discover the existence of a satanic primitive conscience in the human brain that generates mental illnesses within our conscience, and is more absurd than our one-sided conscience, which is underdeveloped and makes many logical and behavioral mistakes.

This is why everyone is affected by mental health problems, and this is why we live in a crazy world characterized by terror, violence, immorality, hypocrisy, and greed.

The therapeutic power of the intelligent messages we have in our dreams prove that they are not produced by our brain, since our brain is absurd.

You may be surprised with this statement, but the fact that we seem to be balanced in our work or during various social occasions doesn't mean that we are mentally healthy. We simply pretend to be reasonable, while we are mainly absurd, especially when we are alone.

The unconscious mind doesn't belong to the human brain. It is an extraterrestrial being, since God doesn't belong to our planet. So, there is another dimension behind dreams.

God created our planet in order to transform demons into human beings who would then be able to attain sanctity.

We are demons because we think like demons, since the biggest part of our brain is occupied by our satanic anti-conscience. We also are human beings because God transformed a part of our brain into a human conscience. We can also think like human beings, but your conscience is absurd and evil too because it is one-sided. It cannot be completely developed without our participation in this process.

We tend to listen to Satan, since it is stronger in our psyche. However, our conscience must listen to God and respect His rules in order to find sound mental health and peace.

Your dreams give you this vision. Now that I discovered the existence of the anti-conscience the dream messages are very clear and everyone follows the necessary process of transformation in a shorter period of time.

This means that you have scientific proof of the existence of God and Satan, and you can understand how to stop being in the bad situation you are by following the guidance you have in your dreams.

The fact that you are so absurd is very bad, but the fact that you can become a brilliant human being after eliminating your satanic anti-conscience is an alternative that will help you solve all your problems based on God's wisdom, and not based on your suppositions.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung's research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to exactly translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.