Discovering The Free Psychotherapy Contained In Dreams

We receive the psychotherapy we need in our dreams because while we sleep God can send His messages to our conscience without dealing with the interferences of our terrible anti-conscience, and without dealing with the interferences of the outside world.

However, we don't want to change our behavior.

We want to keep acting the way we always do because we are influenced by our anti-conscience. We don't want to understand our mistakes. We simply want to be able to go through our day.

We don't want to believe in life after death or care about the purification of our spirit. We don't want to understand that our lives have a deeper meaning.

We don't want to understand that we have to cure our psychological wounds and stop having negative reactions. We want to get rid of the negative symptoms of a mental disorder without curing the main reason why we have psychological problems.

When we take pills with the intention to stop having the symptoms caused by a mental disorder without curing our mental health problem, we avoid curing our wounds. We try to eliminate the alarms sent by our organism, without solving the psychological problems that formed the mental disorder.

Many people want to believe in the illusion presented by the idea to eliminate undesired symptoms with pills, without curing their psyche. However, psychotherapy is indispensable for everyone.

Nobody wants to change their behavior, and nobody wants to stop thinking the way they do. This is why everyone needs psychotherapy in order to stop having a negative attitude.

God sends numerous dreams to our conscience in order to convince us to follow His guidance because He knows that we don't want to change our behavior and abandon our erroneous ideas.

We believe that we can find better solutions for our problems with our stupid thoughts because we don't want to make any effort to change our behavior and stop thinking the way we do, and because we don't know how absurd and evil we are.

God must be very patient with us. Besides being ignorant, stupid, absurd, and evil, we also are arrogant and proud, as if we were geniuses.

Therefore, if you want to safely solve your psychological problems and your social problems as well, since your life always is related to many other people, you have to respect your doctor's wisdom.

You have to be humble and admit your mistakes in order to become a true genius when you will stop making ridiculous mistakes, and you will attain a higher level of consciousness.

God knows what you have to do in order to stop having mental health problems, and become a mentally healthy and self-confident human being.

Your psychological problems will disappear when you will transform your personality through dream translation and you will become a sensitive and wise human being.

This is guaranteed because God is a very patient doctor. He keeps sending you messages that help you become more intelligent and learn a lot more about your dangerous reality.

Your reality is sad, and the fact that you have inherited a primitive conscience that keeps bothering you with the intention to destroy your conscience is a tragedy.

However, you have the chance to stop being a victim of this tragedy because you know the truth, and you can become a brilliant human being by obeying God's guidance in your dreams.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung's research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to exactly translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.